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What’s a computer for?

Have you ever wondered what’s a computer for? Let’s see some of the main uses given to this machine:

  • Word Processor: a computer increases the efficiency of printed writing, emulating and surpassing the old typewriter.
  • Games: many games can be taken to the screen of a computer.
  • Communication: with the advent of the Internet the computer took a major role in the way in which we communicate between ourselves.
  • Calculations: a computer can make millions of calculations per second, which makes it a powerful tool for finance and science applications.

These are some of the most frequent uses given to a computer, but they are only a small part of a wide variety of them. The computer is a flexible machine, and new functions are incorporated to it as time goes by. One day they computers will reach what’s called Artificial Intelligence. When this happens, besides communicating between ourselves through computers, we could be also communicating with them. Will they have any interesting thing to say?

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