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Functions that Facebook Does Not Provide

While making the Rom Cartridge's Unofficial Facebook Manual I've found that many times users ask how to make things that just can’t be done, mainly because Facebook doesn't provide the corresponding function. Although many of those lacking functions would be useful and even necessary, there are others that wouldn't be popular or that would be contradictory to the proper working of the social network. Here is the list of lacking functions that I was able to compile:

  • You cannot prevent people from tagging you.
  • You cannot delete a group you created without previously removing one by one all its members.
  • You cannot be notified when someone unfriends or blocks you or see who did those things.
  • You cannot remove multiple friends with one single click
  • You cannot unlike multiple pages with one single click.
  • You cannot hide your profile picture.
  • You cannot hide who are your friends. (You can only stop showing them on your profile)
  • You cannot have a dislike button.
  • You cannot know who sees your profile or any other content you uploaded. (Most people are happier this way)
  • You cannot prevent people from downloading your pictures (Since any internet user can copy and paste his own screen, this wouldn't be an effective function)
  • You cannot recover your password (If you lose it, you only can reset it)
  • You cannot instantly delete your account with no chance of recovery. (You have to wait 14 days without logging in to have no chance of recovery)
  • You cannot change your name in any way you want. (Since Facebook wants users to use their real names, you can change your name only once each sixty days, and the new name can be accepted or denied by Facebook representatives)
  • You cannot create a Facebook account if you are less than 13 years old.
  • You cannot send a private message to all your friends at the same time. (Unless you have less than 20 friends, in which case you will have to add their names to a single message)
  • You cannot deactivate your account for less than 24 hours.
  • You cannot unblock someone that has blocked you. (Although blocking wouldn't make sense if this function existed, some people have expressed that they wanted to do this)
  • When you unblock someone, you cannot block that person again until 48 hours have passed.
And Finally,
  • You cannot go back to the “old Facebook.” When Facebook makes an upgrade, it’s there to stay.
That’s the whole list. If you can think of any other function you would like Facebook to have, feel free to leave a comment.

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