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How to Tag People in a Photo on Facebook

Want to tag yourself or some of your Facebook friends in a photo? This guide will show you how to do it.

First go to the photo where you want to make the tag. Once there, hover the pointer of the mouse over that photo and click on the “Tag Photo” option that appears inside the area of the picture, on its lower part.

Once you have done that, inside the photo, click on the face of the person you want to tag, write his name, and press Enter in your keyboard. Once you have finished tagging all the people you want to tag, click on the “Done tagging” link that will be inside the photo, near its lower border.

This way you will indicate what persons are in that photo. If the photo you tagged was not uploaded by you, the tags you made will have to be approved by the owner of the picture in order to take effect.

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