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Microsoft Would Release Windows 8 Next October

Published: March 20, 2012

According to a Bloomberg report that cites confidential sources with knowledge of the schedule, Microsoft Windows 8 will be ready in October of this year.

The sources also stated that in the initial rollout the new operating system will be available both in devices running Intel and ARM chips, fulfilling in this way Microsoft's promise to support both standards. An interesting consequence of this is that, by supporting ARM chips, Windows 8 will be used with the same processors than the Apple iPad.

According to the report, Microsoft will host an event in early April in which the company will officially release details on the timing and marketing of Windows 8.

The following is a video released by Microsoft two months ago in which it tells us about two remarkable characteristics of Windows 8:
  • it will be designed to work both with touch and with a mouse and keyboard.
  • it will adapt to the size of your screen, either if you are using a tablet or a desktop computer.

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