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Yahoo! Answers Changes its Rewards System

Published: April 20, 2012

To protect the service from unwanted questions and answers, Yahoo! Answers announced on Friday some changes in the system of levels used to reward the participants.

Until this moment users that had achieved the fifth, sixth, or seventh level were able to ask and answer an unlimited quantity of times. From now on, however, all levels will have a limit in the number of questions and answers they will let users make. As stated in the site's official blog, "[i]nstead of the generous unlimited questions, answers and comments, we have now changed it to 20 questions, 80 answers and 40 comments."

As the modification left the sixth and seventh level with exactly the same privileges, there is chance of new changes in the future to correct this.

With this new rewards system Yahoo! Answers expects users to be more selective in the information they request and share.

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