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Facebook Launches Its Own App Center

Published: June 8, 2012

As announced by Facebook almost a month ago, the social network company opened yesterday its own App Center, a place where users are able to find applications to use inside Facebook.

In this new service each application will be exposed in an "app detail page," where developers will explain their creations to the viewers. In order to determine how apps will be listed, Facebook will take into account signals such as user ratings and engagement. In this way, while well designed apps will be prominently displayed, apps with bad signals or not meeting the center's guidelines won't be listed at all.

If a mobile app requires a download, the app center will send the user to an online store, such as for example the Apple App Store, in order to install it.

The Facebook App Center began rolling out to people in the U.S. yesterday and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. For the moment it has something more than 600 apps.

By ROM Cartridge. Image Courtesy of -Oxford- via iStockphoto.

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