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Facebook Now Lets Users Edit Comments

Published: June 23, 2012

In a move that could improve even more the average quality of the comments made using Facebook, the social network company decided to give its users a chance to correct what they have already written.

Last Thursday Facebook started to deploy a new feature by which all users will have the ability to modify their opinions. To do that, they will have to click on a small pencil icon that will appear when they hover their mouse over the top right hand corner of their own comments, and then choose the option to edit them.

Once the edit option is selected, the comment will become a text field again, where the user will be able to make his changes and save them. To indicate everyone that there has been a change, an "Edited" tag will appear below every modified comment. Besides, hovering the mouse above that tag will show an option saying "Show edit history," that once clicked will show the full history of the modifications made to that comment, including what was previously written.

Until the launching of this new feature the only way to correct a comment was by deleting it and writing it again.

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