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ROM Cartridge Launches an Online Color Picker

Published: September 26, 2012

ROM Cartridge finished today the launching of an online tool to select and share colors, its main part being available in the blog since last September 17.

The tool allows users to select a color in the deployed surface of the RGB cube, the three-dimensional space formed by combinations of red, green, and blue, and then select a shade of that color in an array of its variations from white to black. Once a color is selected, both its hex and its RGB code are provided.

Selected colors can be saved in a page to which the online program provides a link. In this way users are able to see the saved colors later or share them with another person by giving them the provided link.

Although the tool is available since last September 17, the implementation of the last part of it, to share saved colors in a link, was finished today.

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