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Lost Steve Jobs Speech is Now Available in Its Entirety

Published: October 4, 2012

A lost speech given by Steve Jobs in 1983 surfaced in June, but the session of questions and answers after the speech was missing. Last Tuesday, however, blogger Marcel Brown published a post telling that he received and digitized one of the cassette tapes that was given to attendees, and now the speech is available in its entirity.

In the speech, which was given in an event called the International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA), Steve Jobs shared with the audience his vision about the future of the computer industry, making really accurate predictions.

As most of the audience didn't have a computer at that time, he had to start the speech explaining what a computer is.

The speech can be listened or downloaded in the next embedded box, also offered in the mentioned post of the “Life, Liberty, and Technology” blog:

Recommendation: If you download it and you play it with Windows Media Player, I recommend you to put the 2Khz frequency up and the others down in order to improve the sound, and don't forget to reset the equalizer when you finish!

By ROM Cartridge. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

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