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Facebook Friendship Pages Get a Timeline Layout

Published: November 10, 2012

Facebook announced last Thursday that, just as happened with the profiles, all the friendship pages will have a new layout that will organize their content in a timeline. The announcement also introduced the page, that will show the friendship page between a user and the person with whom he shares a relationship.

According to Facebook's Help Center, "[f]riendship pages show a collection of stories and interactions between two people connected on Facebook. For example, your friendship page with your best friend will show things like the timeline posts you’ve exchanged, your mutual friends, events you both attended, the photos you’re both tagged in, and the things you like on Facebook."

This kind of pages have been available on Facebook since October 2010, and to see them, users have to go to some of their friends' timeline, click on the gear icon, and then select the option "See Friendship."

As the change is being implemented gradually and automatically since last Thursday, some users will have to wait some time in order to have it.

By ROM Cartridge. Image courtesy of Facebook Newsroom.

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