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Marissa Mayer Speaks About Her Career and About the Future of Yahoo

Published: November 29, 2012

In her first interview since becoming Yahoo's CEO last July 16, Marissa Mayer spoke last Tuesday about her career and about her plans for the company.

Among other things she said that having her first baby was easy, that working in Yahoo is fun, and that the company she is managing won't do maps because "it's very expensive" and "hard to do well," adding that "Apple is finding that out." Instead, as Mayer said, the company will focus on making it easier for mobile users to access the services and the information that Yahoo already provides.

The next three videos show parts of the interview: the first one is the part where she talks about her baby; the second one, about her mobile strategy for Yahoo, and the third video is the complete 30 minutes interview for those who want to see it.

The meeting, which took place in Silicon Valley, was organized by Fortune magazine.

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