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Financed by Fans, 'Veronica Mars' Movie Hits Theaters

Published: March 16, 2014

After collecting almost $6 million dollars from more than 90 thousand people through its page on Kickstarter, the movie Veronica Mars was finally released last Friday.

The making of this movie will be remembered for being a successful case of crowdfunding, a new concept that consists in funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people wanting to cooperate, something that would be hard to do without the advantages of the Internet.

The website used to present the project and raise the money was Kickstarter, by now the most popular crowdfunding service. Among all the projects on Kickstarter, Veronica Mars broke many records: it was the fastest project in reaching $1 million and $2 million dollars; it is the project that has collected more funds in the film category, and the third among all categories. Besides, the project became the one in which more people put their money.

The original requirement to start the movie was a total sum of $2 million dollars, but this amount was highly surpassed by the final result. The eagerness with which people funded the project was in part due to the many rewards that were offered in exchange for the funds. These rewards went from a simple commitment to send production updates for the people who put $1, to a really short speaking role in the movie for the first backer to put $10,000.

Before this movie, Veronica Mars was known for being a TV series created by screenwriter Rob Thomas whose protagonist was portrayed by Kristen Bell. The series started on September 2004 and ended on May 2007.

It was Rob Thomas himself that presented the project on Kickstarter.


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