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Why Are People Inviting You to Play Games on Facebook?

If you are getting too many game requests on Facebook and you want to know the reason why before you get rid of this problem, this article has the answer.

When people lose in a Facebook game, many of those games are designed to require players to invite all their friends in order to keep on playing. If they don't invite all their friends, they must wait minutes, hours, or even days in order to be able to keep on playing, or they can also pay some money instead.

As games can be very addictive and the proposal is made in a moment in which the player is very interested in keep on playing, the result is a lot of invitations being sent over and over again. As you may already have deduced, game producers use this tactic to promote their games and earn money, because the more players a game has, the more money their producers can earn by selling access to some of its parts or functions.

Finally, there may be people sending you an invitation because they are genuinely interested in sharing a game with you, just for the sake of it, but this is not the most frequent reason why people invite people to play.

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