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Is It Possible to Know Who Views Your Profile or Timeline on Facebook?

Would you like to know who views your Facebook profile or timeline? If the answer is yes, then I have bad news for you. This action cannot be done because Facebook doesn’t allow it.

Applications that claim to be able to do this don’t work because Facebook makes it technically impossible for them to do it.

This is the statement in which Facebook addresses this issue on its Help Center page:

Can I know who’s looking at my Timeline or how often it’s being viewed?

No. Facebook doesn't let you track who views your profile or your posts (ex: your photos). Third-party apps are also unable to do this.

If you come across an app that says it can show you who's viewing your profile or posts, please report the app.

On the one hand this means that you cannot know who is looking at your profile, but on the other one, this also means that you can snoop without worrying about being discovered.

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