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How to Unlike a Page on Facebook

Want to leave a Facebook page? This guide will show you how to do it.

First you must go to the page you want to unlike. You can do this by looking for it using the search box at the top of your page. In case you don't remember the name of the page you are looking for, this link will lead you to a guide on how to see a list of all the pages you liked.

Once you are in the page you want to unlike, hover your mouse pointer over the “Liked” button that is located inside the area for the big cover picture, near its lower right hand corner, and then, in the appearing menu, click on the “Unlike” option.

This way the task will be finished.

Although this method we have seen is good to unlike only one page, you may find it uncomfortable if you are trying to remove yourself from many of them. In that case, click here to see a guide on how to unlike multiple pages quickly on Facebook.

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